Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dirty Jobs

Dirty jobs sometimes pay off. Paul found this gem in the trash on route today. No lid, but still a score.
You see, our oldest is named Mason and the ones that say "Perfect Mason" sum up how we feel about him quite nicely (even though he's quickly approaching the five year mark and pressing our patience more and more every day!)

The picture of Mason was taken this past weekend while at the MSU v. Alaska (Go Green!) Hockey game - Where he announced he would one day play - before moving on to play for Detroit.  It's good to have goals!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What comes first

The chicken or the egg?
For us- it was the chicken. We bought our first egg layers in the spring of 2011. We got a variety: 3 barred rocks,  3 easter eggers, and 2 black asterlorp. We were under the impression they were all hens. To our surprise we ended up with two roosters {1 barred rock, 1 easter egger}.
It took about four months for the girls to start producing - resulting in fresh delicious eggs like these.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

This little piggy...

Went to the freezer :-) 
Today we picked up a pig we had processed at a "mom and pop" meat processor. We didnt raise the pig - this time - but bought it from a local farmer. If you've never had farm fresh pork, you're missing out! 
This is the third time we've purchased a live pig for processing, and havent purchased any kind of pork product at the grocery store in nearly three years. I love that we know where our meat is coming from, that it's not loaded with hormones and who knows what else. I also love the money we save. 
We had the pig processed into a variety of the following: chops, steaks, ham slices, whole ham, bacon {mmmmm, bacon}, sausage, roasts and ribs. Broken down we paid $2.58/lb. You can't beat that price. This should be the last pig we purchase though because hubby plans on raising our own pigs this spring. Stay tuned for more details on that hobby farming adventure!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Testing the Waters

I'm working on setting up this blog - for a few reasons:
One - Log all of my {failed} attempts at recreating something awesome that I find on Pinterest.
Two - Keeping track of my hobby farmer of a husband, Paul, and his shinnanigans. Because I'm sure you're curious. Admit it. You are.
Three - Sharing funny kid stories - because life can't be just about quilts and chickens {can it?}.